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PTO Driveshaft Cover Large Shafts 1.5m

Part No. #E4064X15

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PTO drive shaft cover for small to medium driveshafts.
upto 1.5 Metre (Closed length)
Yoke bearing groove dia 53/60mm to 80mm
Bare-Co shafts series 6 to 2600
ByPy shafts series 5 to 10 Series
H.Spicer shafts series 1350 upwards
Waltsch shafts series W2300S to W2600
Jayben shafts 5AG Upwards
U.S. Shafts with above bearings groove diameters
MAKING THE FARM A SAFER PLACE The Bare-Co PTO shaft guard is a unique guard that can be unclipped from its bearing point at the yoke end and moved back along the shaft for easy greasing of the crosses. The innovative design of the Bare-Co PTO guard allows the guard to be quickly pulled back to facilitate safe engagement of end yokes and regular joint maintenance.

AC615, VTE1505, S10797, AS30130

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