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Hydraulic Filter late MK1 & MKII 98x64mm

Part No. #E1925

Price: $16.50 excl GST

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Hydraulic filter (Later Version) For MK3 Pump (Filter faces down)
MF135 From serial no. 447441 MF148 From serial no. 606025 MF165 From serial no.136611 MF168 From serial no. 256094 MF175 and MF178, MF1080, 1085-ALL MF185 From serial no. 320847 MF188 From serial no. 361109

Suitable for the following models:

Massey Ferguson
135, 148, 158, 165, 168, 175, 178, 185, 188, 35, 50, 65

185551M91(early), VPL1520, 1810744M91, B1278, 884906M92, S41450, 521451M1, 185551M93, 625-1, 884906M92 (98x64mm)

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