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Clutch Plate Case 7 Paddle Sprung

Part No. #E5552

Price: $546.53 excl GST

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Clutch Plate -7 Paddle with sprung hub
OD: 310mm 10 Spline x 1-1/8 Inch

Suitable for the following models:

Case International
CX100, CX50, CX60, CX70, CX80, CX90

CX100, CX50, CX60, CX70, CX80, CX90, CX95

B6647, 331 0235 10, S73092, 223808A1, 341723A1, 02940138, S.73092, A-02940138, 331023510, VPG2379, 330732A1

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