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NOTE:  Completeness of engines varies ie: Electrics not included etc Please phone for more details...

#1928 Fiat 350 Special 35hp, 2cyl, 8025 Excellent Runner. Would Make Good Stationary Engine. Fiat 350 Special
#1943 Ford TW20 150hp, 6cyl x 6.6L Turbo Very Good Runner. Ford TW20
#1996 Fiat 540 54hp, 3cyl, 8035 Excellent Runner. Rings Need Checking Fiat 540
#2017 Ford 2000P 35hp, 3cyl x2.6L Complete Ford 2000P
#2021T Landini 7860 71hp, 4cyl x 3.9L Perkins Rebuilt. Test Run - Needs Work Landini 7860
#2032 John Deere 6200 89hp, 4cyl, 3.9L Test Ran Well. Minor Fire Damage. John Deere 6200
#2043 Shibaura 6340 64hp, 4cyl x 4.6L A1 Condition. Runs Very Well. Shibaura 6340
#2052 Fordson Dexta Perkins, 3144 Average Runner Fordson Dexta
#2067T Nuffield DM4 4Cyl, D, 3.4L Good Starter/Runner Nuffield DM4
#2093 Ford 3000X 40hp, 3cyl x2.9L Runs Ford 3000X
#2094 Massey Ferguson 4235S 80hp, 4cyl 4L Excellent Runner. Very Minor Fire Damage Massey Ferguson 4235S
#2098 Case /NH JX1080U

82hp, 4cyl x 4.5L Test Run OK. Semi Burnt. New Headgasket. Only 125 Hours

Case /NH JX1080U
#2119 Fordson Dexta Perkins, 3144 Goes Fordson Dexta
#2150 David Brown 885 3cyl Good Starter/Runner David Brown 885
#2155 New Holland TS100 98hp, 4cyl x 5.0L A1 Engine. Minor Fire Damage. Very Low Hours New Holland TS100
#2165 New Holland TS115 115hp, 6cyl x 6.7L New Bearings & Oil Pump. A1+ Inside New Holland TS115
#2169 Case IH CX80 74hp, 4cyl x 4.0L Turbo Test Run Well. Minor Fire Damage. Case IH CX80
#2170 International 4230 82hp, 4cyl, D268 Noise Minor Fire Damage. Test Run A1 International 4230
#2185 International 685 72hp, 4cyl, D239 Noise Excellent Runner. Minor Fire Damage International 685
#2191 International 574 D239 Noise Early ,product_model. Lucas Fuel International 574
#2205 Zetor 3545 35Hp, 3Cyl Good Runner Zetor 3545
#2231 Ford 3000X Ford 3000X
#2231 Nuffield Universal 4 4Cyl, D, 3.4L Good Runner. Ex Boat Tractor Nuffield Universal 4
#2236 Ford 360 3Cyl Good Runner. No Injector Pump Ford 360
#2239 International 574 68hp, 4cyl x 3.9L (D239) Noise Test Run OK - No Injector Pump International 574
#2247 Ferrari Vega 80hp, 4cyl T VMD 774B/4 (33c) Minor Fire Damage, Good Engine Ferrari Vega
#2279 Massey Ferguson 4235 75hp, 4Cyl, 4.0L Massey Ferguson 4235
#2280 John Deere 6110 80hp, 4cyl x 4.5L 50PSI Oil Pressure @ Idle. Minor Fire Damage. John Deere 6110
#2292 David Brown 885 3cyl Runner David Brown 885
#2295 Massey Ferguson 6465 118hp 6Cyl T x 6L Perkins Fire Damage, Good Long Engine Massey Ferguson 6465
#2300 Massey Ferguson 6180 120hp, 6Cyl, 6L Perkins Test Run Good. Minor Fire Damage Massey Ferguson 6180
#2320 Zetor 3545 35hp, 3Cyl Good Runner Zetor 3545
#2324 Universal 550V 55hp, 4cyl x 3.1L Burnt - Needs Pretty Up. Runs OK Universal 550V
#2353 International 383 Nissan SD22, 4cyl Good Starter/Runner International 383
#2360 Ford 8240 110hp, 6cyl x 6.6L Good Runner. 4000 hrs since re-build Ford 8240
#2360 New Holland 8240 110hp, 6Cyl, 6.6L Test Run A1. 4000Hrs Since Rebuild. New Holland 8240
#2362 New Holland TS110 100hp, 4cyl x 5.0L Turbo Starts & Runs Well New Holland TS110
#2371 New Holland 8260 135hp, 6cyl x 7.5L Excellent Runner. 5,700 Hours New Holland 8260
#2385 Claas Celtis 426 4cyl x 4.5L Very Minor Fire Damage Claas Celtis 426
#2387 Shibaura 6340 64hp, 4cyl x 4.6L Starts & Runs Well Shibaura 6340
#2388 John Deere 6210 90hp, 4Cyl, 4.5L Long Engine OK. Fire Damaged John Deere 6210
#2389 John Deere 6220 90hp, 4cyl x 4.5L Fire Damaged. Only 136 Hours. Long Engine A1 John Deere 6220
#2391 Claas Celtis 456 4Cyl 4.5L T Injector Pump has Fire Damage. Claas Celtis 456
#2403 New Holland TS100A 100hp, 4cyl x 4.5L A1 Motor. Only 400 Hours. Turbo Burnt New Holland TS100A
#2407 John Deere 6420 105hp, 4cyl, 4.5L, 4045 Fire Damaged. Common Rail Engine John Deere 6420
#2408 Massey Ferguson 435 72hp, 4cyl x 4L Perkins Test Run - A1. As New Condition Massey Ferguson 435
#2415 New Holland TL90A 91hp, 4Cyl, 4.5L Should be Good Long Block. New Holland TL90A
#2438 Ford 3000X Starts & Runs OK. Ex Beach Tractor Ford 3000X
#2442 New Holland TM175 174hp, 6Cyl, 7.5L 675TA Fire Damaged. Long Engine Good New Holland TM175
#2450 International B275 BD144 Runner. In-Line Injector Pump International B275
#2456 Valtra 6550 105hp, sisu, 4cyl, Diesel Valtra 6550
#2458 New Holland TS110 110hp, 4Cyl, 5.0L Turbo Excellent Runner. Very Tidy New Holland TS110
#2459 Massey Ferguson 5340 82hp, 4Cyl, 4.1L Minor Fire Damage Massey Ferguson 5340
#2463 Iseki 5000 55hp, 4cyl, 2.8L Isuzu, 4BA1 Auns A1 Iseki 5000
#2468 McCormick MC120 120hp, 6Cyl, T, 6.0L Perkins, Power 6 Minor Fire Damage McCormick MC120
#2469 New Holland TN75V 76hp, 3Cyl, 2.9L 8035.25 T Minor Fire Damage SOLD New Holland TN75V
#2481 Massey Ferguson 4245 85hp, 4Cyl, 4.0L T Excellent Runner. Very Minor Fire Damage Massey Ferguson 4245
#2482 Mitisubishi MT4501 45hp, 3Cyl, 2.1L 4DQ5 Looks OK Mitisubishi MT4501
#2488 Iseki SX95 95hp, 6cyl, 5.4L, Isuzu, 6BBI Runs Well. Minor Fire Damage Iseki SX95
#2505 Iseki SX65 60hp, 4cyl, 3.3L Isuzu Fire Damaged. Long Engine OK Iseki SX65
#2511 John Deere 7800 170+hp, 6Cyl, 7.6L, 6076T Good Runner John Deere 7800
#2513 Iseki 3210 21hp, 3Cyl, 1.2L Isuzu, E3AF1 Excellent Runner Iseki 3210
#2534 New Holland TS100A 100hp, 4Cyl, 4.5L Turbo Minor Fire Damage New Holland TS100A
#2536 New Holland T6020 112hp, 4TA, 4Cyl, 4.5L Minor Fire Damage. Long Engine Looks Good. New Holland T6020
#2538 International B275 BD144 Good Runner. Rotary Injector Pump International B275
#2540T McCormick MC115 115hp, 4Cyl, T, 4.0L Perkins, 1104 Minor Fire Damage. Good Hours McCormick MC115
#2545 John Deere 3130 97hp, 6Cyl Excellent Starter/Runner John Deere 3130
#2571 John Deere 5410 77hp, 4Cyl, 4.5L, JD4045DL Minor Fire Damage John Deere 5410
#2572 John Deere 7810 6Cyl, 6081T External Fire Damage. Long Engine OK John Deere 7810
#2586 Ford TW25 154hp, 6cyl x6.6L Turbo Good Runner - Ex Beach Tractor Ford TW25
#2587 New Holland 6640 85hp, 4Cyl, 5.0L Good Runner. Non Turbo New Holland 6640
#2596 Yanmar 186 18hp, 3Cyl, 0.9L Diesel Excellent Runner - Starts Well Yanmar 186
#2604 Leyland 253 3Cyl Perkins, AD3152 Run A1. (MF 135 Motor) SOLD Leyland 253
2292 David Brown 885 3cyl Runner
2391 Claas Celtis 456 4Cyl 4.5L T Injector Pump has Fire Damage
2408 Massey Ferguson 435 72hp, 4cyl x 4L Perkins Test Run - A1. As New Condition